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(2015-01-14) Natural gas reserves in deep waters in Mozambique total around 20 billion barrels, the World Bank said in its Global Economic Prospects report, issued Tuesday in Washington.

In the document, the World Bank analysts said “natural gas fields in the deep waters of Mozambique have reserves higher than in Angola or Nigeria [the two largest oil producers in sub-Saharan Africa.”

All African countries of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries, except Equatorial Guinea, posted growth in the period, notably Mozambique, which after growing 7.2 percent in 2014 is expected to post growth of over 8 percent by 2017.

Mozambique is, moreover, the only Portuguese-speaking country in Africa that will manage to grow well above the average for sub-Saharan Africa, while Angola is expected to post growth ​​of around 5 percent by 2017, slightly above the average of the countries in the region, and well above the growth of…

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