Think Green, Live Green at L&C

Trackable Solar Arrays Construction L&C’s trackable solar arrays during construction.

Some aspects of LC’s “Think Green: Live Green” are pretty easy to spot and explain. You can point to solar panels and recycling bins. But, as our last two posts have pointed out, thinking green involves more than just remembering to toss a can into the right bin or deciding which solar panel works best for you. It involves understanding how humans got here, and systematically rethinking the way we conduct ourselves.

Similarly, Lewis and Clark Community College’s “Climate Action Plan” attempts to provide a framework for thought and action, as opposed to just a simple checklist.

The headline for that document, linked above, is “Campus Carbon Neutrality by 2058.” Aside from giving me (Nate Keener, Director of Sustainability) plenty to do for the next 40+ years, what does that mean?

Well, it essentially means that we’ll zero out our carbon impacts by 2058…

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