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From Ken Ohrn:


A major transformation is underway. The tipping point has been reached. Everywhere, it seems, but in Canada, and particularly in BC.

The way others produce their energy is rapidly changing, with solar energy rising, and fossil fuels declining.  The power plants may bear similar construction costs, but solar’s no-cost supply of an essentially limitless clean source energy is the key factor in it’s long-term economics.

Even with the Pope’s recent elevation of climate change action into the realm of moral imperative, our Federal and Provincial governments focus squarely on that which is in decline economically and morally — fossil fuels. And any chance to become a leader on design or manufacture of new-era energy technology is quickly disappearing.  It’s a massive loss of economic opportunity; lost, I believe, due to pure partisan dogma.

There will be lots of Canadian jobs some day in changing our energy system, but…

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