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The aims of the EU energy policy are set in article 194 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. They include reducing energy consumption, implementing the internal energy market, developing new and renewable forms of energy, promoting the interconnection of energy networks, improving technology, protecting consumers and reinforcing the external dimension. The energy 2020 communication (2010), which is part of the EU’s 2020 strategy and the ‘Resource Efficient Europe‘ flagship, sets out a strategy for competitive, sustainable and secure energy. It defines the energy priorities for the next ten years, as well as actions to achieve these goals.

2020 and 2030 frameworks

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The climate and energy 20-20-20 targets from the climate and energy package (2009) set three key objectives for 2020:

  • a 20% reduction in EU greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels
  • raising the share of EU energy consumption produced from…

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