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As promised but a little late, here’s a breakdown of current tidal energy technologies! This post is similar to my previous summary of wave energy techniques, so hopefully you’ll find it just as informative.

claesjohnsonmathscience.wordpress.com In this handy graphic, you can see all the little components that are inside the hub of a turbine.

The utilization of tidal, or as it is sometimes termed ‘current,’ energy is a bit different from wave energy in its application so far. While wave energy has distinct categorical technologies associated with harnessing energy from certain wave mechanisms (i.e. point absorber and the wave attenuator), tidal power is a bit more malleable because it’s not quite as developed. Nevertheless, there are a few general types of machines that are currently being researched for use in generating energy from ocean currents and tides. Some may look familiar to you because of their similarity to wind turbines…

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