UNder the C

Scientists have been talking about global climate change for years, but sometimes it seems like we are speaking a language that no one else understands (otherwise, there would have been major changes by now, right??). Well it turns out, we have been speaking a foreign language. Most scientists are familiar with Climate Change 101, but now it is time for us all to learn Climate Change Communication 101.

Image from www.smithsonianmag.com Image from http://www.smithsonianmag.com

UNC’s Institute for the Environment recently hosted a seminar on communicating climate science led by Susan Joy Hassol, the Senior Science Writer for the 2014 US National Climate Assessment. Climate change is usually not my blogging topic of choice, but I think it is critical that every scientist becomes more effective at communicating science, especially topics as pressing as our global climate. For some SciCom background, check out some of our previous posts on science stories and other science…

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